I am not able to ship Kissa Tarot decks abroad anymore.

Please forgive me for letting you, fans of the deck, down.

The facts are: it is expensive and complicated to get many decks at one time. It is also very time consuming to ship them abroad. Not to mention the trouble for getting paid without money transfer online company becoming suspicious I have an undeclared business...



 If you would like to purchase your own copy of the deck, please check the following websites:



- Unio Mystica, the publisher of the deck. Be very patient as it may take them some time to answer your email. Their website (in Finnish) can be found here: http://www.uniomystica.fi/ and their email address is: info@uniomystica.fi



- Akateeminen Kirjakauppa is a Finnish bookstore chain that also sells the deck. Here is their website (also available in English): www.akateeminenkirjakauppa.fi