Please note that I am NOT the creator of this wonderful deck. I am just a fan who happens to think that the KissaTarot deserves more publicity :-) Thanks for watching!

Finnish artist Terttu Seule created the artwork for this "Cat Tarot", published in Finland by Unio Mystica.

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The KissaTarot is a quiet and deep deck that draws you into its mystical world where Nature, colors, a mysterious woman dressed in red and many cats wander around.

Watching these pictures, I find myself immediately carried away from our busy and noisy world. Every single time.

Is it the combination of ordinary surroundings, colorful creatures, peaceful expressions with the obvious gravity and depth of some paintings? Despite being mysterious, Terttu's landscapes - the forests at night especially, feel safe to explore... Obviously the artist wanted to create a tool for self-discovery more than a fortune-telling deck.

There is no violence pictured in these cards, yet the KissaTarot is not sugar-coated even if the naive artwork could mislead you at first. This is one of these wonderful decks that grow on you. The more I think of it, the more I picture this deck as a purring cat sitting on my lap, staring at me, straight in the eyes, from time to time. Have you ever had the feeling that cats know all the secrets? I often have. As much as I try to be rational: "cats are just domestic felines, little mammals that adapt extremely well to the human way of life etc." it just does not do the trick when I meet the yellow eyes of this satisfied creature on my lap.


Although the deck is not easy to obtain outside Finland, it is not impossible...  see Info.

Last but not least: cats, real cats, not paintings this time. My webpage is also, quite naturally, dedicated to cats. They inspired Terttu and they are most probably close to your heart as well, so please take a while to check your local charity to help animals in need. Have you noticed how giving a few bucks, some old blankets, food or even some of your time makes you feel richer, BIGGER, free-er, well... better !!!

Weird, isn't it? :-)

Thank you so much for reading :-)

Blessed be!